Philip Graham

I first dipped my toe into the world of funds over ten years ago with the completion of a billion pound real estate fund, which had me working for 45 hours in a row. Weirdly, the masochist in me found this quite enjoyable and so I set sail from the UK for the shores of the BVI to immerse myself a little bit more into the industry.

Since arriving at Harneys, I have worked with clients in every corner of the globe, guiding them through the happiness of a successful launch, the challenges of a distressed situation and the sadness of a winding down. The life of a fund and the people that make it tick remain a constant fascination for me and I take great pride in being a little cog in an otherwise gigantic wheel.

I have also been invited to speak at industry forums in a wide variety of places, including London, San Francisco and New York, as well as being appointed on focus groups to assist the BVI government with ensuring that the funds sector remains as vibrant as ever.

Phil Graham golf_smallerAs a father of three young children, the concept of “spare time” has been somewhat lost. But my hobbies are largely based around sport, both those my aging body will still allow me to play (which is pretty much just golf now – as the photograph illustrates) and those which I passionately support, preferably live from the stands. The undoubted highlight of this so far, was a trip to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul to see my beloved Liverpool FC triumph over AC Milan in the most unforgettable Champions League Final of all time. My wife informs me that I am not allowed to say in a public domain that this was the greatest night of my life. Ooops.

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