Oliver Bell

Oliver-BellMy wife and I arrived in the BVI in 2011 in search of our “two-year adventure”. Four years (and two babies) later, we have made it our home.

I studied for a degree in economics, with the original intention of pursuing a career in finance in the City of London. However, a string of events led to me taking an alternative path to becoming a corporate lawyer. My light-bulb moment was when I discovered that I could ‘have my cake and eat it’ in the form of being a funds lawyer.

Ollie BellWith a background in economics and a keen interest in all matters financial, perhaps unusually for a lawyer, what I find the most interesting part of my job is discussing and getting to grips with the underlying trading strategy, and many a conversation have been had with my clients discussing the virtues of Benjamin Graham’s teachings.

Fortunately, for somebody that lives in the BVI, I love the ocean, and, in my spare time, can always be found messing about in boats.

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