Marc Parrott

Originally from Australia, I have spent more than 15 years living and working as an investment funds lawyer in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Dubai and the Cayman Islands. I spent 8 of those years living in the Cayman Islands.

Whilst still practicing Cayman Islands and BVI law, and thus being an “offshore” lawyer, I’m now physically based in Hong Kong, working with hedge fund managers, private equity fund managers and various prominent onshore law firms, as part of Harneys’ global investment funds practice.

I was in the Cayman Islands in the heady days preceding the financial crisis, and have remained in the action working with offshore investment fund clients through the extremely interesting, if challenging, times that have followed.  I have advised on countless offshore fund formations. I have seen many funds succeed and continued to advise them in connection with legal issues pertinent to their ongoing operations as they have done so. I have provided advice in connection with the re-structuring of a significant number of distressed funds, and I have seen a few funds implode spectacularly. Throughout all this, I have learned much, and continue to learn something new almost every day.

Marc Parrott_smallerI have a deep interest not only in investment funds, but also in the underlying public and private financial markets in which these funds operate.

As you may suspect from the list of cities in which I have been fortunate to live over the last 15 years, I also enjoy exploring the world. Landscapes, people, cultures, art, music, food. Currently, I am endlessly fascinated by the melting pot that is Hong Kong, and am periodically enjoying travels throughout incredible Asia.

I enjoy keeping fit by running, swimming and gym training and I love spending time with my wife, who through her support over the last 15 plus years has made all of the above possible, and our incredible son, who is truly my special little man.

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