Lewis Chong

I think it is fair to say I’m the most well travelled member of the blog group, having lived and worked as a lawyer in New Zealand, the UK, Cayman and the BVI.  I’m now based in Vancouver, Canada as Harneys’ “man on the ground” in North America.

My career as a funds lawyer started when I moved to London.  I worked for a number of years in two of the leading alternative funds practices in the City assisting US, European and emerging markets managers with the formation of a variety of private equity and other fund structures.   Since leaving London to practice “offshore” I have found this onshore funds experience invaluable as it often helps me anticipate the needs and expectations of our clients and, equally importantly, their onshore counsel.

Lewis Chong FeatherweightYou might be surprised to learn that I was a golden gloves boxing champion in New Zealand (as depicted in the photograph at right).  I hung up my gloves in the second year of my legal career (I needed to conserve brain cells for the day job).  These days, I maintain fitness by playing touch rugby, running and hiking.

Travel is my other big passion.  Before joining Harneys, I took far too many career breaks to explore Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Asia and Europe.

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