Ian Gobin

Being the newest member of this blogging group I am trumping Lewis’ claim for being the most well-travelled of our blogging group. Having grown up in the U.K. (Chester), I have lived in Amsterdam, Brussels, BVI, Guernsey, Jersey, London and Ho Chi Minh City and am currently based in the Cayman Islands; however, the majority of my time is spent marketing in the US “pounding the pavement” as we say.


When it comes to sports I am a huge Liverpool FC fan and thereby an eternal optimist – it’s a weekly adrenaline rush or crash of emotions depending upon the performance.

I also love tennis and have attended all four grand slams – to be clear, as a spectator! Otherwise, I am married to my best friend, Nicole, and we have a cat. We spend time in Nicole’s homeland of Spain whenever we can.

Life is good!

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