Monthly Archives: March 2018

AEOI in Two Minutes

All BVI and Cayman investment funds are now subject to AEOI (the Automatic Exchange of Information). AEOI has been around for a while now but is still new to a lot of our clients, particularly US-based managers who are expanding their investor base and setting up an offshore structure for the first time (and also, a lot of lawyers).  So what is it, what is it all about, what do you need to know and what can you leave to the experts?

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Cryptocurrency subscriptions through the eyes of the taxman

As the world of cryptocurrency changes pretty much as regularly as I change my underwear (just to be clear mum, that is a lot, I promise), one of the very common questions we are asked by prospective managers looking to set up a new crypto focused fund is whether they can take in subscriptions in a digital currency of some form, whether that is from their own wallet or from an outside investor’s stash.

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Why I’m Going Long on Women

We are delighted today, on International Women’s Day, to host a blog from Georgie Loxton. I first connected with Georgie when she commented on my blog about women in the funds industry on this day, last year. Little did I imagine back then that, one year on, Georgie would become a friend, a neighbour and a collaborator and that I would become an avid reader of her thoughtful and insightful blog. As a woman, an investment manager with 14 years’ experience managing other people’s money and as someone who is passionate about making investing more accessible to women, Georgie is extremely well positioned to talk about women and money. Enjoy.

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