Postcard from Las Vegas, May 2015

Lewis and Ollie on the road in Las Vegas

Lewis and I poolside in Las Vegas last week.


The cabana village which we co-hosted with other leading firms in the investment funds industry.

Lewis and I have just returned from networking around SALT, a premier thought leadership forum in the global investment management industry, held in Las Vegas. It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with many of our contacts and also to make some great new connections.  Even living in the BVI, it’s not often we get to spend our working day around a pool. Here’s a picture of the cabana village that we co-hosted with some other leading firms in the alternative investment funds industry. As you can see, the dress code ranged all the way from bikini to business suit. You’ll be pleased to know Lewis and I played it safe with office casual.

More seriously, we heard a number of people talking about Assistant US Attorney General John Carlin’s presentation on the danger of fund managers not preparing for cyber attacks. His remarks have also been reported by a number of mainstream press, including USA Today. With ever increasing third party costs and red tape, this is likely to be something that smaller managers can do without right now. However, given the potential damage to managers and their funds from such cyber-attacks, both financially and from a reputational standpoint, we believe that this is something that should be towards the top of every manager’s agenda.

Oliver Bell
Oliver Bell studied economics before deciding on a legal career and he has maintained a keen interest in all things financial. When he's not at work, Ollie can be found messing around on boats or with his wife (and fellow blogger) Natalie, and their two children.