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Launching your first offshore fund: Cayman or BVI?


CaymanAs a funds lawyer practicing both Cayman and BVI law, I am often asked by start-up managers and their onshore lawyers which jurisdiction is preferable.

Like the photographs here, the two jurisdictions may appear identical at first. After all, Cayman and the BVI are both excellent and highly regarded offshore fund jurisdictions. We have long-standing clients who elected to use one or the other for different and highly sensible reasons at the time of their first launch. But there are differences, and a number of our largest clients actually have fund vehicles in both jurisdictions to maximize the advantages that they each offer.

(And if you are curious which photo is which, read on to the end of this post.)

For a manager looking to establish their first offshore fund vehicle, choosing between jurisdictions will depend on their specific requirements.  On that basis, I ask managers the following questions to help identify the best jurisdiction for them: Continue reading